Marymere Falls - Olympic National Park

Marymere Falls - Olympic National Park

I can't see myself ever living anywhere but Washington State. I am always trying to decide if it is because this is all I've known or because Washington is absolutely beautiful. And then I do a hike like this, and I start leaning towards the latter.

I've hiked Marymere Falls several times. It's easy, mostly flat, and under 2 miles, although never when it was frozen over like this. The ice absolutely changed it. It went from this is neat, to I could stare at this a very long time.

I saw a picture of it on Facebook the day before, then woke up and asked my mom if she wanted to go (would have gone by myself if she said no, too pretty). When she said yes, we were out of the house in 10 minutes. It is only about a 45-minute drive from where we live.

A few people I talked to on the trail also said they were there because of a picture on Facebook.

It was very slippery in a few places. Only completely biffed it once though. After I fell over, my mom asked me if I was okay. I was just concerned about my camera. With my fleece lined leggings, winter coat, and beanie, I was very comfortable, and it was a lot of fun.

Log bridge covered in snow leading to forest

Near the beginning of the trail, it branches off to mount Storm King. Which is a much harder and longer hike that involves using ropes to climb the mountain. You can always tell who's doing the falls or the mountains by the gear they are carrying. We started a conversation with someone who was clearly doing Storm King, and they told us it was their friends first ever hike. A steep mountain that you need to use ropes for. That is icy. Way to dive into it sir. View is stunning, I imagine especially with the snow. As long as you don't die. Not really, I'm sure you were fine.

Although I don't have one frozen, if you like Marymere Falls or the Olympic National Park, you'll love this sticker! Marymere Falls Sticker – evergreenadventures

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